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Reach For The Stars

Reach for the Stars is a unique tutor program targeted toward low-income elementary students who want to explore their interests— at no cost. 

Our motto for our tutor program is this: 
Rewards Second

Our first priority is to build an inherent joy of learning in our tutees— so that they build an unstoppable confidence and passion for pursuing their dreams, henceforth.

How do we do this? 

Hour-Long Sessions, Life-Long Lessons.
We focus on finding efficient methods for tutoring young students, with a focus on self-confidence built from an early age. 
We utilize the Socratic Method to gauge the baseline for the stud
ent's skill level and use a personalized plan that will guarantee the most productive sessions possible.

For each tutee, we emphasize a strong tutor-student relationship. All of our tutees have been selected, not only by their merit, but by excellent character, passion, and integrity, guaranteeing a judgment-free, comfortable zone.

Program Logistics

Parents/Guardians may register for the program at any time.
The program has monthly cycles, so each student will partake in
4 tutor sessions. 

Subjects offered are Science, English (Reading, Writing, Speaking),
Computer Science, and Math.

Sessions Structure Example
Session #1: Introdu
ction, Baseline, Learning and Drills, Application, Review
Session #2: Review, Drills,
Learning and Independent Practice, Alteration, Application, Games
Session #3: Review, Learning and Model, Drills, Independent Practice, Application, Games
Session #4: Review, Learning and Model, Drills, Application, Final Review

We partner with other teaching organizations to ensure we get quality learning materials for different subjects. 


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Interested in being a tutor? Apply here!

Through partnering with 

@contintentalcoding, we utilize informative and interactive coding materials as part of our sessions.

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